The Primitive Man / Hell Split Will Be the Heaviest Thing You Stream Today

Album artwork by Primitive Man’s Ethan McCarthy

It was only about two months ago that Primitive Man released “Oily Tears” off their newest split with Hell, leaving metalheads all over begging for more. It provided the slowest, sludgiest nastiness that you could ever hope to hear in a day.

The full stream of the split record is finally here, and it’s got all the ugliness we could ask for. Primitive Man saved the best for last and somehow manage to fork over an even darker track than “Oily Tears” with their second song from the split, “Pitiful & Loathsome.”  On the other hand, Hell’s track, “Nuumen,” sounds like it was recorded on a fax machine but in the best way possible, with a mix of austere atmospherics and early black metal-anguished vocals that work perfectly to balance out the skullfuck that Primitive Man just finished delivering on the prior tracks.

The Primitive Man/Hell split can be streamed in its entirety below. As for physical copies, if you didn’t pre-order, they’re currently sold out! Digital copies are available here.

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