The Modern Age Slavery Release Heavy as Fuck Cover of Slayer’s “Disciple”


Italy’s The Modern Age Slavery excel at taking really, really heavy songs and somehow making them even heavier. On 2013’s Requiem (my favorite album that year), they did it with Sepultura’s “Arise.”. On 2017’s Stygian (one of my favorite albums that year), they did it Pantera’s “Sandblasted Skin.” And now they’ve done it again, this time with Slayer’s “Disciple.”

The cover is intended as a tribute/send-off to the soon-to-be retired thrash legends, but it’s pretty goddamn great in its own right. It’s basically the aural equivalent of taking a ten ton weight and then adding another twenty tons to it. If you’ve ever listened to the original and somehow felt it was lacking in raw, murderous rage, well, The Modern Age Slavery are here to help.

Check out the cover below. It’s also available on Spotify. Fingers crossed we get a new full-length (or, fuck, even an EP) from The Modern Age Slavery sometime soon.

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