Slipknot Percussionist Chris Fehn Is Reportedly Suing the Other Members of the Band

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Blast reports that Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn — that’s the one with the dick nose — is suing the other members of the band because… well, the usual reasons you sue a business partner:

“[Fehn] claims to have always been told that the money from merchandise and touring is funneled through one sole company that splits profits and pays the members of the band. However, Fehn claims he recently discovered that his bandmates have set up several other Slipknot affiliated business entities in different states that appear to be collecting money from the band.

“Fehn says he was unaware of the separate companies, and claims to have never received a dime from them. He’s specifically calling out band leaders Shawn Crahan and Corey Taylor of the shady business dealings.

“Fehn wants a full forensic accounting done on Slipknot’s companies and assets, and to collect the damages and profits he believes he’s owed.”

Assuming the report is accurate, the time couldn’t be worse, as Slipknot are just about to begin the promotional cycle for their new album in earnest.

But there’s a twist to the story — specifically, that the story may not be accurate at all! Thus spake Corey Taylor:

It’s not clear if Taylor means the whole report is bullshit, or just certain aspects of it. In any case, we should probably all reserve judgment until someone from the band makes a more detailed, officially official statement.

[via Lambgoat]

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