At the Gates Plays Hard to Get with Upcoming Material


At the Gates have been in the studio working on… something.

If you follow the band on Instagram, then you might be aware of some of the teasing they’ve been hinting at over the past week or so, leaving everyone with blue balls. (I’m a girl, how did that happen?)

Hashtags like #neworold? and #whatif have left us all wondering what the band has got up their sleeve. Just yesterday, they posted a video featuring the caption “Time for some acoustic guitars!”, as well as a photo announcing that “We are trying some new ideas during this recording.” I’m ready for whatever bone they throw our way.

Metal Injection surmises that the group’s mysterious might also having something to do with their appearance at this year’s Roadburn festival, as teased by the fest’s organizers:

“As discussions were held about At the Gates playing Roadburn it soon became apparent that they were dead set on doing something different; presenting the band in a whole new way. Details are still being finalised regarding exactly what the set list will comprise of, and just how those songs will be presented, but what we can tell you is that it’s going to be a must-see part of Roadburn 2019.”

This will also be the first release in which guitarist Jonas Stålhammar (God Macabre, ex-The Crown) will get to input some of his ideas. Jonas joined At the Gates for their 2018 record, To Drink from the Night Itself, but did not get an active say in its creative direction. I, for one, am excited for whatever the band is choosing to experiment with this time around. #atthegates2019

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Time for some acoustic guitars! #atthegates #swedishdeathmetal #whatif #roadburn2019 #acoustichair #acousticguitar #newshit

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