Amon Amarth Release Sample of New Music; Album Announcement Coming Tomorrow?


Something is brewing in the Amon Amarth camp… and that something is probably a new album.

The facts:

  • It’s been three years (almost to the day) since the release of the band’s last album, Jomsviking, so they’re due (the band has never taken more than three years between records).
  • They’ve launched a new website, Raven’s Flight, which includes not only audio of a new song, but lyrics and some snippets of what I’m guessing are either album or single art as well.
  • The band previously launched another website, The Berserker is Coming, which asks fans to choose a side between vikings and kings and then, depending on the selection, takes you… well, just go to the site and see for yourself.
  • They’ve released the below clip, which also features audio of a new song, as well as footage from what I’m assuming is the accompanying music video. The clip is entitled “The War Begins March 20,” which, for those of you who don’t have access to a calendar, is tomorrow.

So it seems like a safe bet we’re getting a new Amon Amarth song tomorrow, along with an album announcement. Presumably, the single is either called “Raven’s Flight” or “The Berserker,” and the album is called either Raven’s Flight or The Berserker. Expect to know more in 24 hours. Until then, feel free to speculate recklessly in the comments section.

[via Metal Hammer]

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