Enlarge Photo Credit: Anthony Tran

Listen to Spotlights’ “Multi-Dimensional” New Song, “The Particle Noise”


This is how Spotlights guitarist/vocalist Mario Quintero describes the band’s new song, “The Particle Noise,” to Kerrang!:

“’The Particle Noise’ — is a multi-dimensional song. Mainly being a love story about the beginning of the universe. A moment so intense that it encapsulates what it means to exist. This all being a metaphor for this person’s infatuation with another, so strong it tears them to pieces and reforms them over and over.”

Well, you can’t accuse the band of lacking lofty ambitions, eh?

At least they’ve got the talent to back it up. “The Particle Noise” sounds like a steroidal My Bloody Valentine, or maybe a sped-up, slightly-less-depressed Jesu. Even at the track’s heaviest, there’s something phantasmagorical about the its vibe. I have no idea where Spotlights stands on hallucinogenics, but if you told me they enjoyed liberal amounts of weed, well, that would explain both the music and Quintero’s quote.

Check out “The Particle Noise” below. The track will appear on Spotlights’ new album, Love & Decay, which comes out April 26th via Ipecac Recordings. Pre-order it here.

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