Shit That Comes Out Today: March 22nd, 2019


You know when someone asks you to tell a joke, and you draw a dumb-faced blank despite the endless repository of funnies hanging out somewhere in the dark side of your brain? That’s what I always feel like writing this introductory paragraph. “Hello, I’m Kayla, your friendly neighborhood poser. I like metal, and there were some funny events in metal this week — haha! Corey Taylor, amirite?! Look at me, I have compiled an assortment of metal that comes out today!”

Warheads On Foreheads (AG)
Listen “Killing Is My Business

I’m a Megadeth girl. Don’t @ me. Their last Greatest Hits album was my very first metal CD, with the opening riff of “Holy Wars” marking the beginning of my descent into the great abyss of heavy music. Today, I’ll spend the day reminiscing about the wonders of high school while I listen to the latest collection of Megadeth remasters. And don’t worry, Dave Mustaine has some very insightful commentary, as usual: “Warheads On Foreheads is a U.S. military term for targeting efficiency. It’s all about using the right tool for the job and these tracks were created for maximum destruction (or stopping power, or something else!).” There you have it. There’s nothing new here, but I can now find all of the band’s best tracks in one place, so I’m not complaining.

Trembling and Shorn (Last Mercy Emissions)
FFO ???
Full Album Stream

Whenever I’m starting to think I’ve heard everything metal has to offer, some random DIY band comes along to punch my ego in the face and remind me that I’ve only been really digging into the genre for, like, a year. Formed by members of Falls of Rauros, Woods of Ypres, Thrawsunblat, Obsidian Tongue, and Panopticon’s live lineup, Shabti’s mission is to “eschew gimmicks, trends, and posturing in favor of focusing on more direct pursuits.” Every band says that, but Shabti are actually putting their music where their mouth is on their sophomore album, Trembling and Shorn. Blossoming from their atmo-black roots, the band take a no-nonsense approach to their bizarre hybrid of tech-death, regular death, raw black, and who knows what else in a maelstrom of gut-wrenching ferocity mastered by Colin Marston. This record is incredibly unique, but it’s next to impossible to do it any justice in paragraph form, so give it a listen — hopefully you’ll be as impressed as I am!

Zeal & Ardor
Live In London (MVKA/Radicallis)
Listen “Baphomet

Our favorite spiritual blues metallers put on a top-notch show in London last December, and today, the official recording is available for everyone who wasn’t there to enjoy with a hot side of jealousy. The performance features Zeal & Ardor’s entire catalogue, plus four previously unreleased tracks: “We Never Fall,” “Hold Your Head Low,” “Cut Me” and “Baphomet”. The essence of live performance is captured beautifully in the recordings, drawing listeners into the intricate world crafted by Manuel Gagneux. Live In London is a powerhouse of a live album, reinforcing Zeal & Ardor’s legacy as one of the most masterful bands of our time.

Battle Beast
No More Hollywood Endings (Nuclear Blast)
FFO Nightwish, Amaranthe
Listen “Endless Summer

Y’all said you wanted more power metal represented up in this bitch, so here you go. You’re welcome. But be warned: I give exactly zero shits about this genre. I’ll try my best to keep that bias under control, but I can’t make any guarantees. Here goes!
I don’t like No More Hollywood Endings. But it’s not unlikeable. Hell, I even grew to kind of enjoy that unbearably cheesy Beast In Black release thanks to a friend who never shut the fuck up about it, so maybe somewhere deep down I have a latent soft spot for power metal. Pros of No More Hollywood Endings include: very inspirational lyrics (w/ the occasional edgy swear word), fun MIDI patches, and the ideal degree of vocal husk. Cons: fuck, I hate that it’s growing on me as I write this. “BUT IT STILL SUCKS GODDAMNIT!” I shriek, ashamed as I flee into the night.

Gomorrah (No Light Records)
FFO Imperial Triumphant, Anaal Nathrakh
Full Album Stream

Have you found yourself unimpressed by the lack of sadism in tech death these days? Yeah, same. But fear no more! Gomorrah’s new self titled has managed to Stay Tech™ while simultaneously carrying the weight of 10,000 corpses. This shit is ridiculously heavy, but still features mind-blowing technicality and fretboard sorcery worthy of appreciation. The whole gang’s here: tight grooves, weird cross-genre experimentation, and riffs that cut all the way to the bone. And oohh baby, dat songwriting! Not once does the music veer off into technical-wankery land, instead offering the most satisfying execution of brute sonic force since, well, ever. Last but not least, this record features the drumming prowess of the one and only Hannes Grossman (Alkaloid, ex-Necrophagist/Obscura), so it’s safe to say that it totally rips. My only complaint: it’s too short (and I don’t think I’ve ever said that before in my life). At under a half hour, I’m gonna be listening to Gomorrah over and over and over again until I pass out from sheer exhaustion. Did somebody say “year end list?”


Cellar Darling The Spell (Nuclear Blast) listen
Waylander Ériú’s Wheel (Listenable) listen
Imprecation Damnatio Ad Bestias (Dark Descent) listen
Nusquama Horizon Ontheemt (Eisenwald) listen
Aoratos Gods Without Name (Debemur Morti) listen
Ultra Silvam The Spearwound Salvation (Helter Skelter) listen
Truth Corroded Bloodlands (Unique Leader) listen
Myoora Moon Grotto (Myoora) listen
La Dispute Panorama (Epitaph) listen
Parting Gift Ensom (Fearless) listen
Sermon Birth Of The Marvellous (Prosthetic) listen
Undead Prophecies Sempiternal Void (Listenable) listen


Dreams of the Drowned Dreams of the Drowned I (self-released) listen

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