Trevor Strnad Ranks The Black Dahlia Murder’s Albums from Worst to Best


Ranking The Black Dahlia Murder’s discography sounds about as much fun as chewing my own leg off. They are the rare band who have never had a misstep. One should celebrate their entire catalogue.

Still, the band’s band, Trevor Strnad, gave this incredibly difficult task the ol’ college try for Kerrang!. You can head over there for the list with his explanations, or check out just the list itself below. My reaction to it was something along the lines of, “Sure.” Like I said, this would be a hard one. But by all means, debate Trevor’s selections in the comments section.

8. Miasma (2005)

7. Deflorate (2009)

6. Abysmal (2015)

5. Everblack (2013)

4. Nocturnal (2007)

3. Ritual (2011)

2. Nightbringers (2017)

1. Unhallowed (2003)

[via Metal Injection]

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