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Listen: Misery Index Cover Snapcase’s “Zombie Prescription”

  • Axl Rosenberg

You probably would not expect Misery Index to cover Snapcase, seeing as the former band plays death metal, and the latter act plays hardcore. And yet, cover Snapcase they did, recording a version of “Zombie Prescription,” from 1997’s Progression Through Unlearning, for a flexi disc included with a recent issue of New Noise Magazine. Other than death-ified vocals, Misery Index’s version of the track remains highly faithful to the original. On the one hand, that’s kind of a ho-hum choice, but on the other hand, it gives fans an honest-to-Dio chance to hear what Misery Index sound like as a hardcore band. Also, there are probably a bunch of younger Misery Index fans learning about Snapcase because of this cover. So. Yeah!

Listen to Misery Index’s Snapcase’s “Zombie Prescription” below. Listen to Snapcase’s original “Zombie Prescription” below that. Below that, head to the comments section to answer me this question: is a “Zombie Prescription” a prescription for a zombie, or a prescription for a drug that will turn its user into a zombie? I have no idea. It’s like Cannibal Corpse’s name that way.

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