Abbath Debuts “Harvest Pyre,” the First Single from New Album Oustrider


Following last month’s announcement that his sophomore solo offering will be called Outstrider, Abbath (ex-Immortal) has now released the first single from that album. It’s called “Harvest Pyre,” and it may, indeed, burn you to ashes (how ill is that guitar solo?). Unfortunately, it’s hard to make heads or tails of whatever Abbath is screaming (I was able to easily make out the phrases “I am the” something and “harvest pyre”,” and that’s about it), and the lyrics have not yet been released. So the track doesn’t provide any insight into how the album was inspired by Jung. You may recall that this decision resulted in King ov Hell (ex-Gorgoroth) quitting Abbath’s solo band, because he felt that Jung’s “connection to Christian mysticism is incompatible with the image of the band.” So those lyrics will be fun to pore over when the time comes.

In the meantime, check out “Harvest Pyre” below. Oustrider comes out July 5.

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