Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019


Hey, dudes. Don’t forget about record store day tomorrow! Support your local scene. Buy all the vinyl. Spend 45 minutes sniffing incense. Laugh at raunchy greeting cards. You know the drill!

Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019Andy Black
The Ghost Of Ohio (Lava/Republic)
Listen “Ghost of Ohio

The uninitiated around here may not know that way back in my prime, I was a huge Black Veil Brides Fan. While all the losers at my school were getting stoned in the alley listening to Black Sabbath, I’d be teasing my hair while belting “Knives and Pens” alone in my room, positive that I’d already discovered the zenith of musical excellence. Little did I know that ten years later, my #1 crush Andy Sixx would change his name not once, but twice, eventually going on to release the pile of hot garbage that is The Ghost Of Ohio. I should’ve known better. If you need a good laugh, check this out. Otherwise, skip it (not that I thought you were actually gonna listen, anyway).

Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019Nekrasov
Lust of Consciousness (Prosthetic)
Listen “The Lust of Consciousness

Step 1: Look at that fucking album art
Step 2: Read this quote from Bob Nekrasov: “A charlatan mystic recently declared ‘there is a game of madness and it was decided that you must keep playing’ but what happens when we let go of all the supports? The supports will continue to enslave and madden. Let them go, for fuck’s sake. And if all you get from the piece is ‘there’s only one drum beat,’ kill yourself.”
Step 3: Indulge yourself in abstract, painfully dissonant chaos.

Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019Hamferð
Ódn (Metal Blade)
Listen “Deyðir Varðar

To celebrate their tenth anniversary as a band, Faroese metallers Hamferð are releasing a special two-song live EP. The title track is the band’s only song performed in English, and while it was the first song they ever wrote, it’s never been released until know. The second half of the album, “Deyðir Varðar”, was recorded live during a solar eclipse in the hills of Kvivik. Yeah, it’s as majestic as it sounds. I linked the video above, so see for yourself.

Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019Big Business
The Beast You Are (Joyful Noise)
Listen “Let Them Grind
Mighty L.A. sludge duo Big Business just dropped their newest synth-laden wall of sound, The Beast You Are. A bass synth provides a foundation for the beefy riffs and booming percussion to build upon, and all-in-all, it represents the best of the Big Business we’ve come to know and love. They’re on tour till the end of this month, and a month after that, they’ll be hitting the road with Sleep until mid-June. Spark up a blunt and don’t miss it!

Shit That Comes Out Today: April 12th, 2019Inter Arma
Sulphur English (Relapse)
Listen “Citadel

HOLY SHIT IT’S FINALLY HERE! Sulphur English has easily been my most anticipated album of the year so far, and I’ll be damned — it’s met every single one of my expectations, and then some. Inter Arma’s epic doom odyssey continually inches closer and closer to “the heaviest goddamn thing I’ve ever heard” in a sprawling, meditative yet absolutely crushing display of unrivalled artistry. It’s the band’s most sinister record to date, incorporating menacing overtones that linger above the amalgamation of sounds from their previous efforts. I do find that it extends its welcome just a touch, but your judgement may vary.


Gore Stained Gore Stained (Atomic Zombie) listen
Ride for Revenge Chapter of Alchemy: Singles and Compilation Tracks 2006 – 2013 (BestialBurst) listen
American War Machine Unholy War (Bridge Nine) listen
Tronos Celestial Mechanics (Century Media) listen
Theories Vessel (Corpse Flower) listen
Through the Noise Dualism (Eclipse) listen
Inculter Fatal Visions (Edged Circle) listen
Diesear Bloodred Inferno (eOne Music) listen
Felix Martin Caracas (Felix Martin) listen
Posthum Like Wildfire (Indie) listen
Sacrilegia The Triclavian Advent (Invictus) listen
Ketzer Cloud Collider (Metal Blade) listen
Dauþuz Monvmentvm (Naturmacht) listen
Silverstein Redux: The First 10 Years (NSEW) listen
Gabriel And The Apocalypse Alpha Bionic (Pavement Entertainment) listen
The Machinist Confidimus in Morte (Prosthetic) listen
Numenorean Adore (Season of Mist) listen
Troll Legend Master (Shadow Kingdom) listen
Death Therapy Voices (Solid State) listen
Communion Field of Ruin (Somatic) listen
Valence Cognitive Dissidents (Valence) listen
Hath Of Rot and Ruin (Willowtip) listen
Neolithic Neolithic (self-released) listen
Blackguard Storm (?) listen


Inferi The End of an Era | Rebirth (The Artisan Era) listen

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