Enlarge Photo Credit: Jen Rosenstein

Listen to High on Fire Cover Thin Lizzy’s “Vagabonds of the Western World”


High on Fire covering Thin Lizzy feels about as natural as Matt Pike performing without a shirt, so it’s no wonder the organizers of Bow To Your Masters Vol. 1: Thin Lizzy — the first in a new series of tribute collections by Glory Or Death Records — tagged the stoner metal kings to cover “Vagabonds of The Western World.”

High on Fire have the highest profile of any band on the compilation, but Mos Generator, Wo Fat and others also appear. Check out “Vagabonds of The Western World” below. Bow To Your Masters Vol. 1: Thin Lizzy came out back in March but sadly we snoozed on it until now; thanks to Kerrang! for bringing it to our attention.

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