3Teeth Depict 24-Hook Body Suspension in Video for Industrial Slammer “Exxxit”


Body suspensions give me the heebie-jeebies. I fully respect suspension as an art form and a fetish… it just ain’t for me. I see human skin dangling from giant hooks and my stomach turns.

To that end, if you’re like me maybe don’t watch 3Teeth’s new video for “Exxxit,” which features an actress identified only as Janelle suspended from 24 hooks (one through her forehead!) for an hour and a half, as relayed by 3Teeth frontman Alexis Mincolla in this interview with Kerrang!. But whether you watch it or not, please do listen to the track, because the song is fire! We’ve been singing 3Teeth’s praises since their 2016 album <shutdown.exe>, and based on what we’ve heard so far — this track and previously released single “American Landfill” — their new album Metawar will continue to propel the rising industrial metallers on their upward trajectory. It offers that fix of Nine Inch Nails that even Nine Inch Nails can’t seem to deliver these days.

Metawar comes out on July 5 via Red; pre-order it here.

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