Watch Ten Straight Hours of Mudvayne’s Bassist Playing the Intro of “Dig”


There’s vv important content, and then there’s vv important content.

And this is VV IMPORTANT CONTENT! Nothing has ever been importanter in the history of importantance.

Behold: ten straight hours of Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie playing the intro to “Dig,” from the band’s debut album LD50, looped in perfectly synched video glory, facial expressions and all.

I dare someone to watch the entire video to see if its creator slipped in any easter eggs or if this thing really does repeat 50,000 times or whatever. I also pity the poor soul who made it. But hey, life’s for living, maaaaan.

Mudvayne may currently be dormant, but Martinie’s been busy cooking up some sweet, jazz fusion jams with his new band Soften the Glare.

[via Ghost Cult Mag]

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