The 4 Most Beloved Power Couples in Metal Society


Celebrity couples in metal society are anything but rare, but unlike in the mainstream these folks aren’t always on TV and don’t have their own reality shows. Well, Ozzy had one… but we can pretend it never happened, right? Joking aside, the famous metal power couples are living proof that metalhead love does exist, serving as an inspiration to the millions of fans around the globe. With that in mind, we’ve decided to make this little list of four metal power couples we all respect and love.

Simone Simons and Oliver Palotai

Considering their unique styles, rich education in music and a devil may care attitude when it comes to media and haters, it’s easy to see why Simone and Oliver enjoy so much support and appreciation from their fans. On the other hand, we can’t help but notice this is probably one of the most beautiful couples in the world of metal, aesthetically speaking. The talented and gorgeous Epica singer and the ruggedly handsome Kamelot keyboardist are a match made in heaven indeed. The couple has been going strong since 2013 and has a son named Vincent.

Floor Jansen and Hannes Van Dahl

The lead singer of the planetary sensation Nightwish is going steady with Hannes Van Dahl, a skilled young drummer who has been with Sabaton since 2013, and they have one daughter, Freja. Given the size of fan armies of both Nightwish and Sabaton, it’s safe to say that Floor and Hannes are probably one of the most beloved metal matches out there.

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne

If there was a title for the best metal couple in history, Ozzy and Sharon would undoubtedly own it. These two have been together for 40 impressive years, having started dating back in 1979 and getting married in 1982. The equal parts famous and notorious Black Sabbath lead singer and his wife have managed to endure despite raising the occasional controversy that included fights, violence, and accidents. The Prince Of Darkness also suffered from serious drug addiction, but Sharon stayed by his side and helped him get clean.

The latest proof of their invincible love is the support Sharon is providing Ozzy after his recent accident in which he dislodged metal rods in his body. Ozzy is currently recovering, but Sharon said that he will have to cancel all the concerts planned for 2019, to the utmost disappointment of the fans.

Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon

If you thought that the Osbournes were going to be the only legendary couple on our list, well, you were wrong. Our list of the top four metal power couples simply wouldn’t be complete without this iconic duo. Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon got together back in 1989 and she has been inspiring the former White Zombie frontman to create macabre masterpieces ever since. For 30 years these two talented people have been blessing the lives of every metal and horror fan out there. Now, they might be the Devil’s Rejects, but we still love them.

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