A Look at Heavy Metal in the Movies


Music is an integral part of our lives, an art form that not only entertains but also adds a soothing and comforting element that encapsulates us during moments of joy or sorrow. The diversity in music is what makes it unique, as it can resonate with different tastes and make an impression on people young and old.

It’s not weird to say that music is the background score of our lives. Often, when you speak with people, they can vividly recollect a song that was playing at a particular time of their life. The power of music is also best reflected in films. From background melody to featured songs, we have different genres of music played at crucial moments in cinema, sometimes forming an essential part of the story while at other times creating an atmosphere that can accentuate the movie watching experience.

When we look at heavy metal, there are a few genres of films that are apt for this kind of music. Heavy metal is unique and acquires a certain peculiarity especially when merged with moving pictures.


Blood pumping action goes beautifully with heavy metal. There have been quite a few action movies over the years where heavy mental has added to the thrill of the action onscreen. Among the most prominent movie soundtracks with heavy metal tracks is The Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Considered as one of Arnold’s best performances, the movie, sadly, didn’t perform well at the box office. The music though was appreciated and included works by artists such as Queensryche and Megadeth.


Sports, heavy metal, and the joy of making busloads of cash all have one thing in common: they all lead to a serious adrenaline rush through the body. Look at sports in real life, and whether it is the fans, the punters, or the player, the excitement that surrounds games is genuinely infectious. When you go on Canadian betting sites, the sheer variety of sports that people can bet on and make money from is mindbogglingly fantastic, not to mention the bonuses they offer. Similarly, whenever there is a montage that comes up in a sports movie, before the final race or match, music plays an essential role, and that’s when something sharp and electric like heavy metal leaves its mark.


A slightly unusual choice, but there exists one movie where a heavy metal soundtrack works on a couple of levels. River’s Edge is a story of friends who learn that someone in their group has murdered a girl, and yet decide to stay quiet. The characters are shown loving heavy metal from the start, but on a higher level there is the “heavy” burden of truth that they must carry with them after knowing about the murder. Slayer, Fates Warning, and Agent Orange all contribute to the excellent soundtrack of the film.


A genre that is most frequented by heavy metal soundtracks, horror films have long used songs to create a dominating presence of villains and evil in general. Movies such as Alone in the Dark, Tales from the Crypt, Leatherface, The Crow and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre have used heavy metal as part of their soundtracks to create a fantastic movie experience successfully.

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