Sepolcro’s New EP Will Kick You in the Mass

  • Axl Rosenberg

If the word ‘sepolcro’ reminds you of the word ‘sepultura,’ there’s a reason for that — ‘sepolcro’ is Italian for ‘tomb,’ much as ‘sepultura’ is Portugese for ‘grave.’

That’s pretty much where any similarities between Italy’s Sepolcro and Brazil’s Sepultura end, though. Sepolcro’s newly-released EP, Amorphous Mass, offers up the same kind of steroidal Entombed-esque pleasures as Gatecreeper. The heaviness of Amorphous Mass exceeds the maximum weight limit of any modern elevator, and the production is just gross, like a loogie wrapped in shit wrapped in vomit wrapped in a cancerous tumor. If you wanna know what it must be like to live in Satan’s colon after The Dark Lord has just feasted on some bad leftovers, Amorphous Mass is for you.

Listen below. Buy here. Keep up with Sepolcro on Facebook while you’re at it.

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