Video: Dude Plays Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” Guitar Solo Backwards


More than a decade into the existence of YouTube and nearly FORTY YEARS into Metallica’s career, it’s hard to believe anyone can still come up with original video ideas based on metal’s biggest and most popular band. Nevertheless, it seems like a new “Dude ____ Metallica _____” video finds its way into the MetalSucks Mansion inbox every day, and today is no different.

Behold: YouTuber Bradley Hall, who seems to have a knack for transcribing, learning and then playing metal guitar solos backwards, has given Kirk Hammett’s iconic performance in “Master of Puppets” the same treatment.

There’s no studio or video editing trickery here, as you can plainly see the video is shot and the audio recorded in real time, but Bradley included a clock in the background just in case. The real magic comes when Bradley takes his entire backwards performance and shifts THAT backwards using video editing software, resulting in the effect of the solo being played forward, in its original form, startlingly close to how it sounds on Metallica’s version.

Watch below!

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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