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Jägermeister Releases Limited Edition Slayer Bottle


Slayer and Jägermeister have a lot in common: they both have identities based around reaching the extremeiest extremes, they both inspire either cult-like devotion or complete and utter disgust in those who experience them, and wherever they go, some dude vomiting follows.

So it makes sense that the two entities are teaming up for a limited edition Jäger who custom artwork and a sweet-ass box. The 1.75 litre (about 59 ounces) bottles, of which only 500 will be produced, are meant to commemorate Slayer’s performance a the UK’s Download festival next month.

Seriously, I’m usually pretty meh on shit like this, but that box alone…

The good news is, you can buy one of these bad boys online… the bad news is, Jägermeister won’t ship ’em outside of the UK. Another big loss for America.

UK readers or readers with very nice friends in the UK willing to have one of these delivered to them on your behalf, they cost £100, and can be purchased here.

[via Metal Hammer]

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