Megadeth Share Studio Shots as They Work on New Album


Megadeth are back at it again, teasing us with pictures of them in the studio while they cook up their sixteenth studio album. Dave Mustaine has “about eight songs” ready, but the mastermind (or otherwise, whichever floats your boat) wants to give his fans a 12 or 13 track album, so sit your butt down and strap yourself in for a lengthy wait. We do hope it’s worth it.

Mustaine told Metal Hammer:

“When I grew up listening to vinyl, it was a lot easier to buy a record and be happy with 45 minutes of music. When the digital world came, the paradigm changed – a musical offering needs a lot more. People aren’t satisfied and hit fast-forward a lot. So right now, we know we’re off to a good start. This new material is only going to get better and better.”

While we continue to wait patiently, check out the photos below. Megadeth has upcoming festival dates scattered around the U.S. and Brazil, which can be get here. You can also grab your Hawaiian shirts (and I hope we all own at least one laden with metal patches) and straw hats and meet Megadeth in their very own MegaCruise, which sets sail October 13.

[via Metal Hammer]

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