Rob Halford Kicked a Phone out of Someone’s Hand, May Not Be the Infallible Messiah We All Imagined


We tend to think of Judas Priest’s Rob Halford as one of the “cool” aging multi-millionaire rockstars. But even The Metal God is only human, and thus entitled to a mistake every now again. At least in this case, his mistake injured only an inanimate phone and the wallet of the fan who had to replace it.

The “this case,” in this case, is Halford kicking a phone out of someone’s hand in the middle of a Judas Priest show that took place last week in Rosemont, Illinois. The phone’s owner reportedly had his flash on, and was shining light right into Halford’s eyes, which was probably super-annoying given that Halford didn’t already have a billion stage lights on him.

Oh, wait.

I mean I get that phones at shows are irritating, but c’mon, bruh, be the richer man and turn the other cheek. If something has to be done, surely it can be done more politely, and in-between songs, right?

But like I said, we all fuck up, and I don’t think Halford should be judged too harshly here. If for no other reason than because he was in Rosemont, Illinois. That would make anyone cranky.


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