Immortal Bird Deliver Tonnage via New Single “Vestigial Warnings”


About a month ago I shared with you all one of Immortal Bird’s singles off their upcoming album, Thrive On Neglect (you’re welcome.) Today is a new day and I am here to grace you with their newest track, “Vestigial Warnings,” which comes just in time to relieve the itch I won’t be able to scratch until the release of the album on July 5.

I put this track on my weight scale and broke it. It’s an orchestrated chaotic and frenetic mess, showing clear signs that Immortal Bird have yet to learn the meaning of mercy on ears. I look like the little girl depicted on the album artwork, but my soul is overjoyed on the inside. Make sure you stick with it until the fourth minute and listen to the seconds that follow for the tastiest breakdown and heaviest tonnage you’ve heard in weeks!

Don’t spend on cups of coffee and instead pre-order Thrive on Neglect here via 20 Buck Spin Records. It’s an investment, really, since it’ll wake you up more than caffeine will and it’s probably cheaper too.

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