Here’s an Explainer Video About The Batushka Drama


With two versions of Polish black metal outfit Batushka both currently releasing music and members with names that native English speakers may find difficult to remember, we certainly won’t hold it against you if you’ve been having trouble following all the drama lately.

The short version is this: Krzysztof Drabikowski, the guitarist and primary songwriter responsible for the band’s explosive debut album Litourgiya, split with vocalist Bart Krysiuk, who contributed financially to the album campaign on his own label (and has since signed with Metal Blade). Both are claiming to be the true Batushka (BaTRUEshka?) and are ensnarled in a legal battle in Poland. Most fans have sided with Drabikowski, whose writing claims have been confirmed by the fact that his new music sounds way more Batushka-y than Krysiuk’s. Some fans have even launched a Change.Org petition to announce their solidarity with Drabikowski.

That’s the very short version. The reality, of course, is way more complicated… and that’s just taking into account the information that’s publicly available. The Hipster Black Metal YouTube channel has now put together a video that outlines the whole saga in detail and should clear up any questions you’ve got. Watch it below.

The one missing piece of information is this: why would Bart Krysiuk attempt to hijack the band knowing full well Drabikowski is its true creator and writer? Surely there is crucial information here that isn’t publicly known. My guess is that it comes down to money — Krysiuk spent a lot of it and feels Drabikowski owes him — but that’s just conjecture.

Thanks to Mykee for sending this in.

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