Video: Metal Supergroup Performs The Mars Volta’s De-Loused in the Comatorium in Full for Charity


Let’s face it: even if the rumored Mars Volta reunion comes to fruition, you’re going to end up disappointed. We fans want nothing more than some semblance of a return to the sound on the band’s stunningly perfect debut album De-Loused in the Comatorium, and that just ain’t gonna happen.

So why not get a fix of the good stuff through a cover band instead? A bunch of New England metal musicians decided to learn and perform the whole album from start to finish this past winter for the Check Yourself Presents Fifth Annual Holiday Cover Show in Providence, RI, donating the proceeds to charity, and the results were positively fantastic. The only well-known musician of the group is Scale the Summit bassist Kilian Duarte, but it’ll be abundantly clear from note one that all of these guys are very, very skilled and their other affiliations don’t matter… it’s all about The Mars Volta here, and these fellas have done the music justice. It’s readily apparent from the performance that they feel just as passionately about this classic album as we do.

As if all of those good vibes weren’t enough, this year’s performance raised $2,800 for the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Fuck yeah!

Here’s the band lineup:

Chris Harvey (I Was Awake): Vocals
Kilian Duarte (Scale the Summit, Lattermath): Bass
Peter Danilchuk (Schooltree): Keys
Jeff McGowan (Lame Genie VGM): Guitar
Matt Zappa (Protean Collective, Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys): Drums

Watch below, and pine for the days before The Mars Volta got lost up their own asses.

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