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Bart’s Batushka (Metal Blade) Has Released Another New Song, “Chapter II: The Carpenter – Wieczernia”


Confused about the ongoing Batushka drama, in which two camps are both releasing new music under the band’s name? Get caught up via this nifty explainer video!

One version of Batushka — the band led by vocalist Bart Krysiuk and signed to Metal Blade Records — has released another new song called “Chapter II: The Carpenter – Wieczernia” following the single they put out last month. And, man, judging solely on the music itself — independent of the whole legal brouhaha, about which there is still a ton of information we do not know — it’s hard for me to imagine how anyone with a functioning set of ears and basic knowledge of metal would prefer this version to Krzysztof Drabikowski’s. It’s not terrible by any means — this song in particular is actually decent — but it’s not nearly as visceral, powerful or, most importantly, Batushka-like as Drabikowski’s latest. If I wanted to listen to music like this I’d just put on Behemoth.

Hospodi on July 12th (pre-order here). Krzysztof Drabikowski’s Batushka already released a new album and it can be streamed here.

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