Courtney Love Hated The Dirt, Tommy Lee Hates Courtney Love

  • Axl Rosenberg

Netflix’s Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt may have piqued Crüe nostalgia, but it did not impress critics: as of this writing, it sits at 39% on Rotten Tomatoes. In all fairness, its audience score is a substantially higher 95%…

…but one person who definitely falls in that 5% of viewers who didn’t dig the movie is Courtney Love. During a recent interview with, uh, Interview, the Hole mastermind offered the following informal review:

“I recently had three girlfriends over and we sat on my epic Majorelle art nouveau bed. My Rolfer came over to do his thing. We don’t call it massage — they get so pissed off, the Rolfers do. He does deep tissue bodywork on ladies. We watched the dumbest Netflix film ever called ‘The Dirt’. It’s so stupid and vile about women, and just fucking dumb. It was super fun to groan together. We had jasmine tea. We all got our bodies worked on and watched this white rapper named Machine Gun Kelly, and we just made jokes. I was like, ‘When’s Ozzy gonna snort the ant?’ Then, within seconds, he snorted the ant. Then the Nikki Sixx character was like, ‘I have a new girlfriend. She’s sweet. She’s wonderful.’ I was like, ‘And her name is heroin.’ Two seconds later: ‘Her name is heroin.’ I was killing it.”

Harsh criticisms to be certain, but not necessarily unfair ones. And while some bands might be deeply offended by Love’s opinions, this is Mötley Crüe we’re talking about, so, of course, Tommy Lee was totally down to engage Love in a calm fashion and maturely discuss her thoughts about the movie while offering his own intellectually-thorough counter-argument.

Just kidding, he went on Twitter and acted like an idiot:

First of all, Courtney Love will almost certainly be portrayed in a movie some day. That movie may very well be about the life of Kurt Cobain, but Courtney will of course be in it. So unless Tommy has a crystal ball, he may wanna walk back that prediction.

Second of all, while Courtney may not have a movie per se, she did get a shitload of awards attention back in 1996 for The People vs. Larry Flynt, which was directed by goddamn Milos Forman (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus). And yeah, that was a long time ago, and yeah, she was definitely in some terrible movies, too, but if you wanna make a prognosis as to who will ultimately make a longer-lasting impact in the annals of cinema history, well… y’know, people in glass houses and all that.

Tune in next week when we settle a dispute between Billy Corgan and Elton John.

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