“Wobbling About & Rocking Out” Initiative Offers Safe Space for Disabled Musicians


You might’ve witnessed this before: the metal show that doesn’t give comfortable viewing access to those in wheelchairs, or the one that has no translator for the deaf metalhead in the crowd. In this day and age where everyone demands (and deserves) equality, the same treatment should be afforded those with physical disabilities and mental health issues. As The Guardian points out, not every disability is visible. This makes it all the more important to ensure that people from all walks of life get equal opportunities to be part of a crowd or, as a musician, to rock out on stage comfortably.

Musician and businessman Dom Smith has launched an initiative called Wobbling About & Rocking Out which seeks to provide a place for music fans suffering with disabilities to share their stories and connect with others. As a musician born with cerebral palsy, Dom still manages to drum for two bands, Mary & The Ram and The Parasitic Twins, the latter of whom will be donating all proceeds from their new single, which you can stream below, to CALM, a charity organization devoted to suicide prevention.

In his most recent interview with BBC No Filter, Smith states that sometimes will > skill, and so, if anyone has the will to succeed, we should be helping knock down barriers to ensure equality both in the music scene and in everyday life. Learn more about the mission of Wobbling About & Rocking Out here.

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