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Knocked Loose Challenged Taylor Swift to a Feud


Hardcore outfit Knocked Loose will release their new album A Different Shade of Blue on August 23rd, the same day pop darling Taylor Swift’s Lover is scheduled to come out. So Knocked Loose vocalist Bryan Garris did what any sensible person in such a situation would do: challenged Swift to a battle to see who will sell more copies first week via the only medium that matters, Twitter.

It’s pretty obvious that Knocked Loose won’t shift anywhere near the amount of records Tay Tay will (if they sell 1/100th the amount, that’ll be a win!) but the stunt was funny enough to catch the attention of Twitter’s algorithm, which has taken it viral. Bryan later added an additional tweet to clarify he is actually a fan of Taylor’s along with a pre-order link for Knocked Loose’s album, and I’d have to imagine at least a few folks have clicked and ordered… plus, here I am writing about it, too. Nice work, dude.

You can pre-order A Different Shade of Blue here. Check out the single “… And Still I Wander South” below.

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