Video: Doctor Performs Surgery While Listening to Pound

  • Axl Rosenberg

Pound, the brain-breaking Seattle duo known for playing crazy-weird-awesome music on a baritone nine-string guitar and side-by-side, differently-tuned drumkits, recently shared the below video of a surgeon enjoying some of their music while operating on someone’s leg. It’s pretty rad. Unfortunately, we don’t know the doctor’s identity, which means metal fans won’t be able to actively seek him out when in need of appropriate procedures. Like, I actually had some minor surgery a couple of weeks ago (thanks to the three of you who noticed I was out for a few days), and yeah, my surgeon was “really well qualified” and came “highly recommended” and all that shit, but I still would have chosen this dude over him in a heartbeat based on his taste in music alone.

Watch the video below… it’s not, like, super-gross or anything, but it is, y’know, a surgery video, so you’ve been warned.

Pound’s new album, ••, came out in May via Silent Pendulum. You can buy via the label or band, with different bundles available from each each.

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