Skid Row’s “Snake” Sabo Takes a Pass on Sebastian Bach Tour Offer

  • Axl Rosenberg

Later this year, Sebastian Bach will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Skid Row’s seminal self-titled debut by performing the entire thing on tour with… his current backing band. Which sounds awesome! Why, it’s just two specific guitarists, one specific bassist, and one specific drummer away from being unmissable.

Those specific other musicians are, of course, Scotti Hill and Dave “Snake” Sabo, Rachel Bolan, and Rob Affuso — the other four dudes who played on Skid Row (and, for that matter, the two Skids albums after that, Slave to the Grind and Subhuman Race).

Now, to Baz’s credit, everyone agrees that he’s not the one holding up a proper Skid Row reunion. In fact, he even extended an open invitation to all four of his former cohorts to join him on stage during the tour.

And while it was always highly unlikely that any of the Rowers would take Bach up on that credit (save for maybe Affuso, with whom the singer seems to be on decent terms), some fans were probably holding onto a modicum of hope that cooler heads and thinner bank accounts would prevail. Alas, Sabo has now snuffed out that modicum of hope, Classic Rock reports:

“In an interview with Kaaos TV, Sabo was asked if he had seen the offer, to which he replied: ‘Well, yes I did.’

“When pressed for more information, Sabo said: ‘I’m working with my band,’ before saying he had no interest in the offer, adding: ‘This is Skid Row and this is what I do.’”

Bummer, but like I said, not shocking: other than Affuso, these dudes loathe Bach to such an extent that they’ve already turned down crazy amounts of money to avoid reuniting with him. An offer to make a cameo at one of his shows wasn’t likely to sway any of them.

And while I do not for a second doubt that Sebastian is a stinky Bachole — he’s always had that reputation — it’s almost impossible to believe that Hill, Sabo, and Bolan can’t do what even famously-antagonistic pairings like Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth and Axl Rose and Slash have been able to do: pretend to like each other a few hours a night in the name of making a decadent amount of moolah. I mean, Skid Row’s current singer is that Zippy Farts guy who used to be in Dragonforce. Can you even fathom the level of hatred there that THAT’s the lesser of evils? Quicksand Jesus flippin’ Christ!!

Dates for Bach’s Skid Row-less Skid Row tour are here. The entire Kaaos TV interview with Snake is below.

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