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Torche Premiere ’80s New Wave-ish New Song, “Admission”


Torche have not made a secret of the influence ’80s New Wave had on their new album, Admission — they’ve previously cited “the first three Gary Numan records as inspiration” — but it really comes through on that record’s newly-released title track. Built around disco cymbals and a simple, starry-eyed guitar line, “Admission”  has the same bittersweet-pop vibe of that movement’s high points. I don’t mean that as a diss — I fucking adore this song. But if you’re one of those fans who “think Torche have begun repeating themselves a bit too much,” you should really check this out.

Which you can do below! Admission comes out July 12 on Relapse; pre-order it here. The band has a buncha tour dates with and without Baroness coming up, too.

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