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Suicide Silence Announce New Live Album, Release Korn Cover


Suicide Silence’s self-titled 2017 release was met with such a negative reaction that when MetalSucks played an April Fools prank about the band apologizing and promising to immediately release a new EP that sounds like their classic material, people believed it.

The thing is, we weren’t all that far. The band has never actually apologized for Suicide Silence (nor should they), but they are riding the nostalgia train, hard: earlier this month, they released a rarities collection featuring the tracks from their 2005 EP and some pre-production demos from The Cleansing, and now they’ve announced that next month, they’ll put out a live album, Live & Mental.

The album is a recording of a December 2015 show benefitting Mental Health America of Los Angeles… but the fact that the show took place two years before the release of Suicide Silence also means there are no songs from that album featured on this live recording’s track list:

  1. “Unanswered”
  2. “No Pity for a Coward”
  3. “Inherit the Crown”
  4. “Wake Up”
  5. “Fuck Everything”
  6. “Cease to Exist”
  7. “Sacred Words”
  8. “Disengage”
  9. “Slaves to Substance”
  10. “You Can’t Stop Me”
  11. “Destruction of a Statue”
  12. “Blind” (Korn cover)
  13. “Bludgeoned to Death”
  14. “You Only Live Once”

So that’s convenient! They’re able to release a cover of someone else’s song and avoid reminding people about “Doris.” I would find that funny if I wasn’t one of the eight people on Earth who likes “Doris” (the other six being Vince, the members of Suicide Silence, and producer Ross Robinson, natch).

You can check out that cover of Korn’s “Blind” below. Live & Metal is out July 12.

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