Watch: Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Ghost’s Tobias Forge Have a “Spirited Chat” with Each Other!


I know what you’re thinking: a conversation between two of metal’s biggest click-getters is cool and all, but what this post is truly missing is some Slipknot action, preferably in the form of Corey Taylor.

To thee I say: watch the eleven minute clip below, in which Kirk Hammett and Tobias Forge chat about various topics, and you might be surprised. I should emphasize “might be” because I really have no idea: I made it through a minute and a half of this thing to get a vibe on it and then I started writing this article, because really I don’t care what these two tour-mates discussed. It’s just about the clicks! But maybe you really, really wanna hear about Kirk Hammett’s Fernandes’ Strat knockoff, in which case have at it.

Have it below and let us know if anything that could be remotely related to Corey Taylor makes an appearance.

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