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Riffs for Reproductive Justice Metal Compilation Released to Raise Money for Abortion Access


Riffs for Reproductive Justice Metal Compilation Released to Raise Money for Abortion AccessReproductive rights in America are under fire more than they’ve been at any time in the past 50 years, with several states rolling back the clock by stripping women of their right to choose. Thankfully the metal community has banded together to pitch in some help with Riffs for Reproductive Justice, a pay-what-you-want Bandcamp compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and dark folk songs.

Thou, Immortal Bird, Racetraitor, Jucifer, Svalbard, Woe and Elizabeth Colour Wheel are just a few of the acts featured on the compilation — which contains several exclusive new, live, covers, or demo tracks — united to raise money for an extremely important cause: abortion access. A press release explains the mission of the compilation, which is being organized by the same folks behind this winter’s wildly successful Black Flags Over Brooklyn anti-fascist, anti-racist show in Brooklyn:

“Abortion clinics across the country are being forced to close, robbing people of the ability to access crucial healthcare services. A theocratic fascist regime is working overtime to control the bodies of those who have uteruses, to force us into unwanted pregnancies, to wrest away our human rights. We cannot stand by and let this happen. All of us—people of every gender, with every kind of body—need to fight back against this horrifying attack on bodily autonomy, by any means necessary.

“This compilation is just one small effort made by a few dozen people who care, who are intimately affected by this, and who love other people who are afraid of what the future will bring. There are so many other brave individuals and groups who have been putting in work around this issue for decades, and my hope here is to raise a significant amount of funds from within the metal, punk, and overall music fan communities to allow them to continue that necessary work.”

100% of proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds and the Yellowhammer Fund. Donation receipts will be posted in a Dropbox folder which will be shared with the bands and with anyone who requests access.

The compilation is out NOW and available via Bandcamp.

Say it loud, with distortion, with fucking feeling:

Track list:
1. Ails – “Mare Weighs Down” 06:24
2. Ancst – “Of Gallows and Pyres” 03:53
3. Axebreaker – “The Sacrament” 03:25
4. Book of Sand – “Seek Out Your Oppressors and Murder Them” 05:56
5. Brian Barr (Aseethe) – “Found Waves” 14:23
6. Cliterati – “Fast & Frightening” (L7 cover) 02:32
7. Closet Witch – “Arlington Cemetery” (Demo) 01:36
8. Dawn Ray’d – “Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness” (Live at Roadburn) 03:09
9. Deafest – “Rains Across Peaks” 03:46
10. Elizabeth Colour Wheel + Planning for Burial – “Whiskey and Wine” 03:50 11. Emma Ruth Rundle – “Dead Set Eyes” (Demo) 03:31
12. False – “Heavy as a Church Tower” 17:35
13. Fucked and Bound – “Kool Thang” (Sonic Youth cover) 02:04
14. Hether Fortune – “Birds of Prey” 03:35
15. Immortal Bird – “Saprophyte” 05:32
16. Ithaca – “Secret Space” 02:46
17. Jucifer – “The Object of Power” 04:36
18. Many Blessings – “Harm Signal” 10:01
19. Racetraitor – “Journey of 5 Dead Stars” 01:10
20. Redbait – “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!” 01:02
21. Sonja – “Nylon Nights” 04:34
22. Stander – “Nguzu Nguzu” 04:19
23. Sunrot – “Agonal State” 07:16
24. Svalbard – “Pro-Life” 04:44
25. Terminal Nation – “Poder Absoluto” 02:06
26. Thou – “My Girl” (Nirvana cover) 08:56
27. Trophy Hunt – “Burning Womb” 05:43
28. Twilight Fauna – “Fires Carry You Home” 03:56
29. Twin Temple – “Devil Didn’t Make Me Do It” (Live) 04:45
30. Underdark – “With Bruised & Bloodied Feet” 06:31
31. Vile Creature – “A Steady Descent Into the Soil” 13:01
32. Violet Cold – “She Spoke of Her Devastation” 10:10
33. Woe – “A Violent Dread” 09:15

Once again, that Bandcamp link.

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