Skunk Anansie Release New Song “What You Do for Love”


I can think of no better way to officially get the weekend started with a new song from Skunk Anansie. “What You Do for Love,” the British band’s just-debuted new single, marks the first time the band has released new music since 2016, and it’s characteristically great — catchy and energetic but also timely and kinda sad. The only bummer is, the band still hasn’t announced their next album, so this may be all the new Skunk Anansie we’re getting for awhile.

Vocalist Skin tells Kerrang! of the track:

“The hardest songs to write are political ones which is why we always try to avoid them. They’re supposed to just instantaneously spill out of you due to pure vexation, or they sound insincere and you fall into tired old clichés. This is one of those moments of rage! Love always seems to be the reason why people do hateful things, which I’ve never been able to understand.”

Listen below:

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