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All Steel Panther Wanna Do Is Fuck Themselves

  • Axl Rosenberg

Bust out the hairspray, pop open the champagne, and stock up on penicillin: Steel Panther are back! The Los Angeles outfit are in a rarified strata of bands that can write great songs, display top-notch musicianship, and consistently demonstrate their incredible skills as comedic actors (Seriously, who else is there? GWAR, maybe Spinal Tap, and…?). So it’s with great joy that I announce that they’ve announced a September 27 release date for their fifth album, Heavy Metal Rules. (Is the title a nod to MetalSucks?!?! Of course not, but I’m still gonna tell people it is.)

All Steel Panther Wanna Do Is Fuck Themselves

And because Steel Panther aren’t a buncha Lacuna Coils, they haven’t just announced the new album — they’ve actually released a single to go along with it. It’s an anthemic ditty called “All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight),” which is the best use of parentheses in a song title this decade. Unsurprisingly, the song burns like chlamydia, and arrives with the funniest music video in recent memory. It’s basically The Hangover, but better, because Bradley Cooper is nowhere to be seen.

Check it out below. Pre-orders for Heavy Metal Rules are here.

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