Ex-Darkest Hour Guitarist Kris Norris Suffers a Heart Attack; Fundraiser Launched


Guitarist Kris Norris, who has shredded for bands like Darkest Hour and Scar the Martyr and is currently a member of Weapons of Anew, has revealed that he was recently “in the hospital and diagnosed with inflammation of the heart or pericarditis and had a procedure done called a cardiac catheterization.” Doctors eventually concluded that Norris suffered a “heart attack from a bacterial infection.”

Although Norris has since been cleared to once again tour with Weapons of Anew, he still requires many tests and procedures to maintain his health. And since, like too many Americans, “health insurance is out the question” for Norris a fundraiser has been launched to help the guitarist pay for his medical bills. You can donate here.

MetalSucks is glad to hear Norris is doing relatively okay and to see that the fundraising efforts have thus far been a success. Hopefully Kris continues down the road to a full recovery.

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