Rimfrost Debut Lyric Video for Stephen King-Inspired Single, “Dawnbreaker”


The Stephen King multiverse is a lot more fucked up than the cinematic renditions of his novels would have you believe. The controversial scenes in It, the death of Tad in Cujo, and the scene where Jack from The Shining destroys his own face with the roque mallet are all details kindly left out of the major blockbusters but are exactly why a Stephen King-inspired black metal song is really more trve than you might think.

The Swedish black metal trio, Rimfrost, have just released a lyric video for their newest single, “Dawnbreaker.” The second track from the yet to be titled full-length album was inspired by André Linoge’s character from Stephen King’s Storm of the Century. In the series, Linoge brutally murders residents in a small town and uses mystical abilities to drive people into committing suicide. He later reveals his true form, an ancient and dying man. I’ve never seen it, but like the song, that’s pretty metal.

Listen to Rimfrost’s audio rendition below and sing along to the lyrics, but make sure you’re away from your mother, girlfriend, boyfriend or children. If you like what you hear, stay tuned for more details about their upcoming album.

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