It’s “Time” to Listen to the First New Exhorder Song in 27 Years


It’s been nearly thirty years since Exhorder last released an album… but hot damn!, it sounds like they haven’t missed a step.

The New Orleans group — largely credited as a sonic precursor to Pantera — have just announced that they’ll release their first album since 1992, Mourn the Southern Skies, on September 20. And if for some reason that news doesn’t pique your interest, the first single, “My Time,” oughta do the trick. It seriously sounds like exactly the way you would have wanted Exhorder to sound if they’d released new music in 1994. It’s a circle pit with its own gravitational pull, anthemic and groovy and destined to be the soundtrack to a thousand speeding tickets. It bodes very well for the quality of Mourn the Southern Skies.

Crank that shit below. Exhorder go on tour with Kataklysm, Krisiun, and Hatchet starting September 4. Get dates here.

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