Nastie Band, Featuring Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum, Debut Evil New Track “Circle of Knives”


Faith No More’s Roddy Bottum, along with Chris Kachulis and current/former members of Merchandise, Pollution, Villains, and Cream Abdul Babar have teamed up to create Nastie Band and provide us with a soundtrack to B movie rituals, slashings, reefer madness, and every other form of horror debauchery you can conjure via his new track, “Circle of Knives.”

It’s got everything going for it: doom-driven riffs, eerie soundscapes, and beautiful vocals reminiscent of Celtic Frost, and it’s absolutely gnarly in the true spirit of the ’80s. If you can vibe to the sounds of Sunn O))), Today is the Day, and Scott Walker and imagine a combination of all of those, then this is the track for you.

The single comes off Nastie Band’s upcoming self-titled debut album which can be pre-ordered here. Now it’s time to bust out your favorite slasher movie gear and plop yourself down to stream the new track below.

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