Ex-Deicide Guitarist Eric Hoffman is Ranting and Raving About “Scum Fuck” Glen Benton


Gee… think Eric Hoffman is still angry about being booted from Deicide even though it happened 15 years ago? The Amon guitarist regularly posts Facebook rants aimed squarely at Glen Benton, often laced with profanity and name-calling, and the latest, in which Hoffman challenges Benton to a physical confrontation and continues to accuse him of money owed, is quite a whopper.

Here’s the full text, completely unedited in all its glory, with a screen shot below since Hoffman has since deleted it from his page:

“If I deicide/AMON Eric Hoffman stop death metal, it was lack of support. Last AMON album released was out of my own pocket.. I will collect what has been rightfully owned and that scum fuck Glen and the Turtles, they only care about themselves. I will never stop death metal and yes we will kick your ass Glen any time any place. I will collect my money clearly fraud scum fuck. You say gloves are off your better put some on, the anger in me, your head will spin around like the fucking exorcist, you know where I live, welcome anytime collecting all my merch for royalties for 20 years and royalties for 13 on scars believe me I will not let you get away with this, we will meet again, anger is building and has it’s vengeance. Yes again he was hired I drew the logo found the name. that’s why I use his name AMON. fucking prick.”

I’m sure Benton is just quaking in his boots at the moment. Benton, for his part, hasn’t exactly taken the high road in the ongoing battle. Here’s what he told the Into the Combine Metal Podcast last year:

“Every time we do a record, I guess [Eric] loses his mind over there and he can’t handle hearing us proceeding without them. It’s been what — 14, 15 years since those two departed, and they did one shitty album and tried ripping off the fans, charged them for videos and bullshit like that. And then from there, they’ve done two shitty shows here in the state of Florida, and from what I was told, they almost canceled those. So their track record speaks for itself. Our track record speaks for itself. When you don’t have the original singer, then you are the official cover band. You wanna make yourself look even more stupid than you already do, by all means, go ahead.”

Mwah! Beautiful prose all around. Can’t wait for more.

Ex-Deicide Guitarist Eric Hoffman is Ranting and Raving About “Scum Fuck” Glen Benton

Thanks: Luis R. 

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