Corey Taylor Thinks Slipknot Could Continue Without Him


Keep serving up those clicks on a platter for us, Corey! We’ll take ’em all year long!

Today in Things the Single Most Important Carbon-Based Lifeform Ever to Exist Thinks™, Taylor told Metal Hammer that, should he ever retire, he thinks Slipknot could continue on with someone else in his place.

I would beg to differ — Taylor’s personality is a massive part of Slipknot’s appeal, and his voice is irreplaceable — but hey, who knows, maybe Slipknot will still be such a massive cash cow in the year 2039 that they’ll decide to just keep the damned thing running Kiss/Babymetal style. It’s worked for Family Feud for all these decades, so why not Slipknot? (Richard Dawson forever tho)

Here’s the quote:

“I mean, it’s crossed my mind as the years have gone on. It’s gotten harder to do this. You think about when the end is. No one thought we’d be doing it 20 years later.

“If I just couldn’t do it anymore, I’d just stop, but that doesn’t mean that the band would stop. If I can’t do it then someone might be able to take my place. … I’ve thought about it before: If the right person came around and the guys were into it then I’ll just head off. We can’t shortchange anyone.”

More importantly, MetalSucks and every other publication that just as shamelessly cashes in on Taylor’s persona (but denies doing so) would have nothing to write about anymore if he ever stepped down, and that would be a great sadness. But lord, that departure would be a huuuuuge headline! Gimme doze click$$$$$$$$$$$$!

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