Track Premiere: Sight of Emptiness, “Utter Control”

Track Premiere: Sight of Emptiness, “Utter Control”

One of the great pleasures of running this site for over a decade has been watching bands evolve and grow over the years (what… you thought it was reading the comments?). When we first stumbled upon Sight of Emptiness back in 2013 they were an up-and-coming melodic death metal band, and a good one at that, but not one who offered much outside the expected in that crowded genre.

Six years later, the Costa Ricans have evolved into an entirely different beast, and it’s been a real treat to watch them grow throughout that time. On “Utter Control,” the band’s brand new single, there are trace elements of what brought the band onto our radar in the first place — breakneck grooves, deftly placed guitar leads, a big chorus and stellar musicianship all around — but it’s clear from just this one song that their forthcoming EP will ring in a whole new sonic era for the band. Mixed with their melodeath roots are strong accents of black metal tonality, straight death metal brutality, and a mix of both (think: Rotting Christ, Hour of Penance). What’s more, the band has leaned heavily into the use of atmospherics and electronics to fill out the production, making for a sublimely lush aural experience.

Put another way: the track rips.

Here’s what the band have to say about it, simple and to the point:

“The sound of a satirical and obscure vision of modern society in a disturbing future. If you believe in this world, this song is not for you…”

Check out “Utter Control” below. Sight of Emptiness’s forthcoming EP Redemption comes out in October. Keep up with the band on their official website or Facebook.

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