Infant Annihilator Don Pimp Suits and Spit Milk in New “Three Bastards” Video


I’m relatively new to deathcore, and that’s a conscious choice. I’ve blocked it out as a genre because for the most part, I’ve always felt most of its songs contain the same, unimaginative breakdowns that you see coming a mile away. I prefer the “holy shit where did this tasty ass riff come from?!” feeling instead.

So when Infant Annihilator came out with a new track, “Three Bastards,” I wasn’t quite sure how I’d feel about it, but after giving it a listen I’d like to give it a solid 7.5 jalapeños out of 10 for its technical, catchy riffs, and well-executed, nasty caveman vocals. But can someone please give me one of their pimp suits and then pay me to spew milk on people too? Gamer girl bathwater vs. milk that was in my mouth — I think we know which would win.

The song comes off of Infant Annihilator’s upcoming album, The Battle of Yaldabaoth, which is slated for release on September 11. If you like what you hear, you can pre-order the album here, and I for one am going on a deathcore purge to fill this aching gap in my music knowledge — so if anyone has recommendations to warm me up to the genre, please do tell.

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