Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie Got Drunk ‘n High and Wrote a Metal Track


After announcing he’d be taking a break from music for 2019, pop-punk’s favorite frontman Brendon Urie surprised fans with a passably heavy track — via Twitch stream, of course. Is that a thing now? We premiere new music on Twitch? Okay.

Anyways, after being confronted about “not working for the rest of the year,” Urie explained “Dude, that’s not work. That’s literally me stoned and drunk in my room, sitting in this chair like, ‘Oh let’s grab a guitar real quick.’ I played it on a click and then I automated the drums. I did one cymbal, one snare track and one kick track and that was it.”

It’s pretty kvlt, I guess. 12 year old me is definitely screaming. Check out the stream below, but don’t get too excited, ‘cuz it seems like this new metal project is still a long ways off.

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