Dethklok Bassist Bryan Beller Won’t Be Playing at Band’s First Show in Five Years


The Most Disappointed Man In The Universe™ award goes to Dethklok’s former live bassist Bryan Beller, who won’t be able to play at the band’s big reunion party this fall due to prior commitments. The show, part of the Adult Swim Festival November 15-16 in L.A., is Dethklok’s first live performance in five years, so it’s totally dildos that Beller won’t be able to make it. Instead, he’ll be rockin’ with his other band The Aristocrats, which probably won’t be nearly as fun — but at least he’s a man of his word. Here’s a transcription from his interview with Sticks for Stones:

“I’m not playing it because I’m gonna be on tour with The Aristocrats in Europe. So imagine my frustration and disappointment about that, because I love the Dethklok gig, it’s so much fun. It’s such a great show [‘Metalocalypse‘], and of course I wish that it was still going on. As far as Dethklok and Brendon Small and another season, that’s above my paygrade… It has to with the television network and Brendon, and I just can’t comment on that, but of course, iI hope and wish that it happens, I think just like many of the fans.”

So far, there’s no news as to who will be standing in for Beller, but we can hope that whoever it is will carry on Murderface’s legacy with pride.

 [via Ultimate Guitar]

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