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Knaaves Have the Blistering Cure to Your Mid-Week Slump with “The Serpent’s Root”


It’s a heckin’ Wednesday, the day nine to fivers have proclaimed as “hump day.” Some people need copious amounts of coffee, energy drinks, or maybe even a shot of liquor to get through their day. As for me, just give me Knaaves and I’ll happily comply with any demands from “the man.”

The Milwaukee-based metallic hardcore unit, which features former members of Enabler, Amora Savant and Die Alone, have released the first track, “The Serpent’s Root,” off their upcoming album of the same title. And it’s an absolute banger. Like a get-off-your-fucking-ass-and-do-something type banger. It’s enthralling and heavy-hitting right from the start, smashing your face into a giant metal cake with only the chuggiest of riffs and the loveliest of merciless death growls. This band is sure to please fans of Converge or Immortal Bird.

The Serpent’s Root will be released on September 3rd and can be pre-ordered here. Get through the mid-week slump this morning and listen to the title track below via Bandcamp.

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