Listen to Code Orange’s Theme Song for WWE Wrestler Bray Wyatt’s Evil Persona, The Fiend


I can definitely attribute some of my early taste in music to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtracks, and I’m sure a lot of my generation was exposed to the likes of System of a Down, Dead Kennedys, and Papa Roach in the same way. There needs to be some way to get metal to the kids these days and while I’m not a fan of WWE, I appreciate the rounds that metal has been making in the community lately, bringing forward big names such as Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, and Amon Amarth to kids and adults alike.

Code Orange haven’t released an album in over two years, but the band has returned to create the entrance theme for WWE wrestler Bray Wyatt’s evil new persona, The Fiend. The evil twin cover version, if you will, of Bray’s original theme song made its debut at Summer Slam last night, Sunday, August 11, when he wrestled against Finn Balor… the only name in wrestling I probably know besides The Undertaker.

Check out Code Orange’s cover below. Code Orange were also involved with the WWE back in 2017 when they played Aleister Black’s entrance theme at an NXT Takeover event.

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