Chad Gray on Mudvayne Reunion: “[Hellyeah] is Where I Have to Be Right Now”


Last month when we spoke to bassist Ryan Martinie about the brbr-DENG meme, we couldn’t resist asking him about the prospects of an eventual Mudvayne reunion. He didn’t rule it out, but he was very non-committal on the whole thing, offering:

“Man, there’s always talk. Which is a good thing. I’m fortunate enough that the thing that we made together still garners some kind of interest from our fans and for those people who may have wanted to see us and never got to. There’s still kind of the ‘man, are they gonna do it?’

“I don’t have any answers for you on that front. Only that it’s fun when Mudvayne still is something that people enjoy. Like the brbr-DENG thing. Alright, cool, make some stuff up and make people laugh and share in it. But as far as it being a future item… I don’t know, only time can tell.”

Now Detroit radio station 101.FM WRIF has spoken with vocalist Chad Gray (embedded below), currently in the middle of a promotional cycle with Hellyeah, and naturally couldn’t resist asking about Mudvayne either. Gray was a little more direct in saying there’s definitely not going to be a reunion any time soon, but was similarly vague with regards to the more distant future:

“We’re all good. We all talk. We’re cool. Whatever. It just is what it is, man. This is where I have to be right now. This is so monumentally important to not only me personally, but to us as a band and I think to us as a metal community, a metal family, just to carry this on and fucking run it till the fucking wheels fall off. I’m in. I’ll do it for as long as I can do it. I love my guys; I love my band; I love our fans. They’re not even fans — they’re family. And it’s worldwide. And it’s a fucking beautiful thing.”

In other words, he is very much focused on Hellyeah right now — as he should be, with an album on the way and a tour in progress — and isn’t thinking beyond that.

Still, I wouldn’t rule out an eventual Mudvayne reunion. The stakes are just too high with the demand growing by the year. I’d even say you can count on it.

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