Former Weedeater Drummer Arrested for Spiking Wife’s Drink with Meth


Michael “Keith” Kirkum, drummer of Weedeater from 1998 through 2013, is rockin’ an orange jumpsuit after spiking his wife’s drink with meth. The official catalogue of charges includes “secret assault, assault on a female, resisting arrest, and two counts of misdemeanor child abuse.” Star citizen, right there.

His wife, who had recently started seeking a divorce, reported that she’d taken a drink of rum with an “odd, bitter taste.” She was unable to sleep for a day and a half, after which she went to the emergency room and tested positive for methamphetamine.

When cops went to question Kirkum about the incident, he answered the door with a gun in hand. A moment of clarity brought him to realize that was pretty fucking dumb, so he ditched the gun and took off on foot. Yay, a wild police chase!

I wonder how far he made it before they got him. I wanna say, like, a block, but maybe there was a really epic getaway that went for miles and miles. Either way, he’s sitting behind bars now with bond set at $100,000, and he could be facing additional charges if the bottle of rum tests positive for drugs. Maybe he’s a fan of the band Meth Drinker?

[via WECT News]

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